Many of our members find the playgroups to be one of the most rewarding parts of the MOMS Club®. 

These groups of 4-6 moms meet about once a week in each other’s homes or local parks for low-key opportunities for fun and conversation. While our kids do benefit from these early experiences with their peers, the main reason for the playgroups is for the moms to connect with one another in a small group setting. That’s why we encourage you to join a playgroup as soon as you join our MOMS Club, even if your child is only 3 months old and far from socialization!

We try to group moms based on the ages of their kids (usually the oldest) so that the members are going through some of the same stages of parenting together. These groups stay together as the kids grow and new siblings arrive, so today’s baby playgroup will become tomorrow’s mixed-age free for all!  


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